About my writing {a blog hop}


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 I have been asked to write about my writing.. (that was hard to type)

Erica over at Saint Affairs has tagged me to explain a bit about my writing, so here we go!

What am I writing? Well, I’m writing about about my reversion to the Catholic faith, my mothering..er..skills?, my LACK of homemaking and housekeeping ability, and whatever else I wanna write about!

How does my work differ from those in my genre? I’m not exactly sure it does, I’m a mom blogger, and I try to write as though I’m talking to my readers (not that I really have any yet). I want you all to feel like you KNOW me.. however, I don’t want my history to cloud your feelings for me in my current season of life. I survived an “ABC After School Special”, and BOY am I thankful! It was not an easy story to choose to share, but I really felt like the Holy Spirit was guiding me to get it out there. Did I choose the right format? I have no idea. Maybe a diary would’ve been a better choice, but there it is.

Why do I write what I write? I am sharing my life to record the good, to process the less good, to share my story of bad choices that led to amazing things being opened to me. I want to bring hope to other folks with a, ah, blemished past, that Mercy is REAL and tangible!! And also, that a blessed life is often loud, messy, scary, and HARD!

How does my writing process work? Oh, should there be a “process”.. well, I tend to have these amazing ideas.. when I can’t get to a place to write them down. Then I try to recall them, that doesn’t work. So I just sit and think about something I feel compelled to put into text.. and I sometimes add a couple of photos of my people, or my mess, read it in preview format, and edit as best as I can, with six smallish people screaming at me for food, or clothes, or legos.. or whatever.. and there you have it.

I’m tagging Cecilia at Catholic Mom Fit for Life

as well as

Jess at Jess

to give us a window into their keyboard!


Laugh or cry? {the best reason to keep your toilets clean}


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I have already missed a day in blogging..Forgive me? I was spending the day with my girls, while daddy had man time with the little men.

Have you ever had one of “those days”, where you know if ANYONE with a smaller family would just.. scream and run from the house, to never chance a glance back?

No? Me either.

Today, was one of those days we stopped asking “who is that screaming” “What was THAT bang?”

Today the littlest member of the family came strolling into the kitchen, as I am leaving the laundry room, she has the bucket thing we use at bath time to wash hair in her hand.. she says to me, quite proudly, “Water from the toy-lette!” and poured a puddle of water on the floor.

I investigate further, and there is a SOLID 1/4″ of water COVERING the bathroom floor.

It was SO MUCH water, the bath mat made noise.

As I was attempting to clean it up, I notice she’s playing “peek-a-boo” with the towel I used to clean up the kitchen puddle!!

(Well, she is the sixth kid!)

This ,folks, is why you keep your toilets clean.

**and all while my phone was updating, so I can’t even share a photo with you!**

Cloth diapers, it’s time we see other people


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Cloth diapers, it’s not you, it’s me.

I really do love the fluff, but something has to give right now. I mean, I’m up to my eyeballs in clutter, my house need general cleaning, and more times than not in folding two weeks of laundry at a go!

I have six kids, two I drive all over the “city” for their activities, four are old enough to homeschool EVERY DAY, plus I have to grade their work.

We also have FOUR toilets I’m supposed to clean!?

Not to mention all these people want to EAT several times a day!


I mean, I know we all LOVE EXTRA laundry to do, right?

I think I *might* have too many diapers as well, and if you’ve ever “done” cloth, you know that is both a blessing and a curse!! (You don’t even wanna know what happens to diapers left too long between washings… IN. THE. SOUTH!)


my stash might also be too big for one kid in diapers.


I love you, and I can’t fully quit you yet..

So, right now, dear cloth diapers, you are the ones to take a back burner! I’m sorry, but I hope we can reunite soon!!

7 quick takes: tattered style


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This is my first 7 QT over here at Tattered Veil!!

So, clearly, that means it got deleted by accident, more than once, and I have to start over! Yay.

  1. I’m wondering if I should start a Facebook page for the blog, what say you?


2. I’ve got a new twitter handle, and I think it’d be swell if you’d follow me! @tattered_veil I have wit (or is it whit? I need more coffee)


3. I’m attempting to blog every day during October, and if you’ve missed it, here is my kick off! “NFP, you’ve got to be kidding me” is a post I wrote ages ago, just never clicked publish. “Welcome Back, Tattered“, “Store bought granola“, andtl;dr October-ish” should get you up to speed..

4. My sons need some friends, they complain about not having them, but they won’t TALK TO OTHER KIDS! I have  no idea how to correct this.

5. I’m going to be honest here, I’m scared to death of opening back up this blog, I’m    an open book in real life, but for some reason.. this is scary to me. If you have any questions for me or comments, please see my Wanna Ask Somebody page and ask me! I will answer you, even with honesty!

6. I promise to get back to my reversion story and personal history as well, because I want y’all to see that I grew up and out of the bad after school special phase of my life!


7. Random photo dump:



pertussis is a bitch


my life Saturday mornings around 7am


she’s hiding, and you can’t see her


I love him


Join Conversion Diary for more 7 quick takes!!

tl;dr October-ish?


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Well, I’m a few days into October already, but I’m joining in on the tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) link up over at Call Her Happy!

Mostly because we’re all new HERE.. 😉

  • I have a problem with a local giraffe, and I fully admit I’m addicted to her. She recently lost a baby, and I hadn’t met her yet, so I made my husband take us to see her.


My autistic son seemed to bond with the orangoutangs.


  • We are trying to get settled (still) in the new house, it’s been THREE MONTHS and things are still in limbo. One hard thing about moving so often, is as soon as I know where something is, someone puts it in a box, and drops it at a new house!
  • I have been so totally beyond overwhelmed with everything, that not much of anything has gotten done.

However, I’ve come up with a bare bones schedule, and we’re sticking to it.. it’s been nearly a week, and so far so good!


  • SOME (and by “some” I mean “all”) of my kids are growing up too fast, and I need to know how to slow that down, toot sweet!


2 more things:

  • I’ve started for real following paleo, and NOT adding tortilla chips and ice cream to my daily diet of “food”.. week one, down over 3 pounds!


  • And lastly, I have a big problem with this. In SEPTEMBER!




Store bought granola

I coined this phrase “store bought granola” a while back, because I really want to be a crunchy granola mama..
But I’m not fully there.
I use cloth diapers*, mostly, but I also use paper plates.

It’s a give and take with me.


this is what lunch looks like, and I didn’t even feel like cooking.

We are a gluten free family, not because we have a known allergy, not because we’re hipsters.. But because I have at least two kids that get significant belly issues when we have gluten, and a son on the autism spectrum, and his reaction is more emotional than physical.
Being gluten free (and as parents we’re paleo) requires a lot of either money or hands on kitchen time, often, it means spending more on both!!
I not only attempt to make food from scratch, I also love to make my own health care items, with essential oils and natural products.
But I am human, and there are only 24 hours in a day..and only so much cash in mah wallet!

I’m trying to quantify my shortcuts, what saves time and money without sacrificing our health? So much THINKING!!!

So, yeah, sometimes I cheat! Being a hippie is a LOT OF WORK, y’all! Add in homeschooling, and therapies, swim, ballet, and I’m just straight out of time!


So, I take some short cuts, like BUYING SOAP, though I do make laundry detergent!! I keep looking for ways to have shortcuts in the paleo lifestyle, but there aren’t many..But I am learning that you do get what you put into food, and the quality is a LOT better than the convenience foods!


a creation of my own; chicken apple sausage with sautéed butternut squash and onion, topped with a fried egg




Here’s the funny part.. I actually MAKE MY OWN GRANOLA!


The struggle is real.


*I am taking a break from cloth diapers because my life is 100% out of control, and I need to get it into shape before I can add more laundry back in.



Welcome Back, Tattered

I’ve been away for a while, and I want to come back. I have another blog out there on the ‘net, and it’s grown tired. I was blogging for other people, not myself. The reason I started blogging was to find my own voice!
So, I’ll be attempting to blog for all of October!

Will you have me back? Will you help me find my voice?

I’m looking forward to this adventure, and continuing my story!

St. Therese, pray for us!


NFP, you have GOT to be kidding me


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Once everything was cleared up from the IUD debacle (if you can call it that, I’d lean on a stronger word myself.) We had agreed it was time to look more deeply into the whole “church teaches NO on birth control” thing.

To say I was bitter before is an understatement  I really thought that the Church was misogynistic and wanted women to stay home making babies. BOY was I wrong. Now, I KNOW I can not do justice to what the Church really does teach on this, there are plenty of folks good with the theology and better with words than myself, so just trust me on this and then do the research!

We did some praying, and some digging, and reading, and listening, and more praying, and then we moved across the country (literally). We found an NFP class and signed up. The classes were once a month, for four months.

I didn’t start a chart right away, I figured “I’ll wait until I have a cycle to START a chart”.


I was randomly taking my basal temp while we “waited this one out”.. and my husband was CONVINCED I was expecting number three. I thought he was a nutter. So we brought our wacky chart to our next class.

Our instructor said “She looks like she could be pregnant”, so a few days later, I tested, and they were BOTH RIGHT!

Needless to say, the next couple of classes we didn’t learn much. However, we were given a CD called “Birth Control: WHy Not?”

That CD became a game-changer. SURE the whole IUD thing was a Godsmack, but this, this was logic, and reason, and FACT!

My pregnancy went well, and fine, except for one small {ahem} detail, that I’ll address in another post.

access road


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I’m going to take a moment to tell you about my history with birth control. The kind that a lot of folks claim to be a women’s health tool. You know, the story that runs along side, and really gets you to your destination…

I began my cycle at 9 years old, and everything was wrong. I had 6 solid months where I had NO BREAK from the bleeding. My mother, worried about me, took me to an OB/GYN who put me on the pill, I kept bleeding, he went to a higher dose, still I bled. We kept up this dance until I was on the strongest pill available in the mid 1980s.

I remained on the pill until college, when I started a serious relationship with my “playmate” (now husband). I was very tired of taking a pill daily, so I thought, I will get that awesome shot, and my period nightmares will be OVER! And they WERE!! It was FABULOUS! I didn’t have a cycle for over 2 YEARS!! (Boy, that sounds so good for the body)But I gained well over 50lbs. FAST. This was in the mid 1990’s, and I JUST got that weight off this year. That’s a totally separate issue.

Once we were happily married, I thought we should get off birth control and I should learn how to be in charge of my own body. I looked into “Taking Charge of your Fertility”  and I began charting. (this was a small nudge from God.. but who was listening??) I had some CRAZY CHARTS!! My most memorable chart was 168 days, with nothing happening. NOTHING.

So, I made an appointment with my primary care office, and was told “You’re fat. Your cycle won’t be regular unless you lose weight”

Fast forward over a year and fertility drugs, and we had a baby girl. After her birth, I went on the “mini-pill” so I could control my fertility, and still breastfeed. Only, I couldn’t. My milk supply was SO LOW. So, I just stopped taking the pill, and got fitted for a diaphragm. What?!?! This is the worst thing ever.. well, not REALLY, but.. UGH, what a joy-kill! Anyway, I honestly don’t remember what I did after that, I’m pretty sure I went back on the pill.

Once my husband and I started thinking of a second child, I went back off the pill, and we just planned on seeing a fertility specialist. We were living overseas at the time, but I knew it would be easy, based on the culture of where we were taking up residence.

Well, needless to say, this is where it gets kinda funny.

I went to the doc for some sort of sinus infection or something, and they gave me a pregnancy test, and it was POSITIVE! I was, shocked isn’t even CLOSE to the right word. Dumbfounded?

Well, after the birth of our second daughter, I went..and got an IUD.

We wanted to plan a trip to Rome and all, see the Vatican, get in touch with our faith.

Head. Desk.

That IUD (the Merina) was HORRID, I had such pain, and other physical problems, I wept nightly.

I heard a radio program talking about my IUD, about how it REALLY worked, what it  does as it’s main function. I cried in my car.

I left Mass during prayer over mothers on Mother’s Day, sobbing.

That’s when I told my husband I felt like a fraud, if I could do this to any POTENTIAL life, how could I parent the children I have been given? This is when I finally brought this up to my husband. He had been avoiding talking about it with me as well, but he fully agreed, and I made the appointment.

When I went in to have it removed, they discovered it was contaminated, and I nearly lost my ability to HAVE children. I was days away from requiring a full hysterectomy.

God. Smack. (with a 4×4 upside the head)

This is what really kicked off my NFP and Pro-Life journey.