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I left off my “reversion” story here, and now I’ll continue, if you’ll have me!


The story continues during my third pregnancy, and everything was going REALLY WELL, until early in the third trimester, my father in law was up for a visit, and we took the 2 kids to see a movie.. suddenly during the movie, I became unable to breathe well.. and it was a LOT different than the normal shortness of breath that comes with late pregnancy.

I went straight to labor and delivery at the hospital, where they went a little into panic mode and sent me for an ultrasound of my legs and a CAT scan.. they told me later they were looking for a pulmonary embolism. They did not find one. (it turns out, I had sudden onset bronchitis)

They did, however find a “mysterious growth” on my liver.

Turns out, no. NO ONE KNEW WHAT IT MEANT..
I was referred to:

infectious diseases

liver specialist


nuclear medicine…

I felt like I needed to warn EVERYONE around me!!

They did wait for all testing until I had given birth.

A birth that wasn’t ideal, but everyone turned out alright in the end!

So, long story made slightly shorter..

Infectious Diseases, they found nothing.

Gastroenterology, found nothing.

The Liver Specialist.. found something..in the scans.

I needed a biopsy.

This “thing” was HUGE, after biopsy came back benign, they scheduled the liver resection.

Because I was still nursing a baby (He was seven months at the time) he wanted to try a “new” style of incision, I agreed.

It didn’t work so well.. the scar runs from my sternum to my belly button.

I wasn’t able to hold my baby for six weeks, let alone nurse him!

My mother was there to help, but no one could give me back that time with my baby..

When the results came in from the surgery, my tumor was 12cm large.. and wasn’t likely to remain benign, and I would’ve died very quickly if it changed it’s ugly mind.

The doctor sat down with my husband and I and explained that the tumor was caused by..

brace yourself..


OK, God. I got it.. I had ALREADY said we were done with the crap!!

I meant it! But now it’s in my medical records so maybe I’ll get less grief from medical professionals? Ah, no.

There you have it, my first son, my autistic son, SAVED MY LIFE!