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This is not a “how to” post, this is an actual question..

How To_

I have no clue what I’m doing as a mother, let alone a mother of a high functioning autistic child.

He’s also smart, sweet, STUBBORN, handsome, clever, and extremely sensitive.

There aren’t enough words to compile a list of all that my son is, so we’ll leave it at that.

I don’t know how to deal with the following issues with him, how to know when it’s personality, when it’s autism, and NOT A SINGLE CLUE how to respond to any of it.

Here are a few of my questions:

Will he ever be happy, or how can I get him to see the bright side.. of ANYTHING?

-I had an idea the other night, and I don’t know that it would work.. would getting him a journal to write down or draw pictures in any little thing that he found good.. so he can go back and see his personal happy?

Will I ever be able to get him to follow a sensory diet at home?

His OT can suggest stuff out the wazoo, but he has epic meltdowns if I bring up OT exercises to be done at home. I just don’t even know how to get him to help himself!

He doesn’t interact with other kids, will he ever make friends?

We homeschool, and that’s part of why he hasn’t made friends at every new school, he’s always going to the same school! We tried scouts and it really was not a good fit for him nor my husband.. no sir. He loves Legos and mine craft, mine craft isn’t so good for making tangible people friends.

Will he EVER eat?

He eats the following foods, with very few variations:

pancakes, cereal, PB&Js, “buttered” noodles (but you can’t actually put BUTTER on them), rice, and Chick Fil A nuggets.

Here’s why this is frustrating, he’s ANGRY that he “always eats the same thing”.. I menu plan so I will cook things I think he’d be willing to try. I’m always wrong. So I also ALWAYS plan on either rice or pasta as a side dish for him.

He also has a lot more meltdowns on days when we don’t have foods on his list in the house, even if we’re not having those foods that day.

Say, I made pancakes.. if we don’t have cereal here, he freaks out.

We’re starting Occupational Therapy again this week, so I’m hoping the new therapist will have some answers, some ideas, some help..

But I’m also hoping that some of you, dear readers, will be able to help offer up prayers and tips!