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Please forgive me, I have missed a couple days of the October blogging challenge.IMG_8997.JPG

I hate that term “church shopping“, because as a Catholic, the church should be UNIVERSAL. Sadly, that’s not always the case.


As a military family, we’re changing parishes every three years (on average), and it’s always challenging to find a parish home.

You want a parish that is true to the Catholic church and her teaching.

You also REALLY want a parish that is accepting of children. Lots of children.

We have been to churches where anything goes, with the priests (flash back pop songs as homilies?), with the families (toys with sound/lights and messy snacks).. and we’ve found that isn’t the best fit for us, we want our “bells and smells”.

We’ve also been to parishes that are filled with the most perfect of children, all well dressed, all sitting with perfect posture..

That’s not us either.

We are more of a “trying really hard to keep the kids from burning down the church” and a “gee, I hope someone is getting SOMETHING out of this Mass” family. We don’t bring snacks or toys, but I do attempt to bring crayons, coloring books, and religious books for those too wee to be still. We also try to take any monkey business to the narthex, when possible.

Our current parish is such a wonderful fit for us, Mass in the extraordinary form and LOTS of REAL children! (including but not limited to our kids)

It is so refreshing to find this (im)perfection!


It’s also just another amazing way that The Lord has always ALWAYS made sure we’re in the right parish for us at the right time.