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I’m joining Gina at Someday Saints in embracing the ordinary of our days.



This is my first entry in the series dedicated to finding simple beauty in everyday living.

If you have any kids, you know seeing beauty admits the mad chaos isn’t always something we have time for, is it?

It’s an important thing to do, though, because these moments pass so quickly, and they become incredibly hard to recall, so I think it is vital to the vocation of motherhood.

When you’re faced with mountains of laundry, dog hair tumbleweeds, and endless grading to do, you need a boost!


beware of the sugar vampires. The danger is REAL!


Plus, it gives me a reason to photo drop my beautiful babies at you!


He’s off to plant his pickle seed!


they were all snuggled, then I attempted to snatch the moment. Silly me.


she loves this dog, and this dog loves her


another sleepy moment I ruined with my iPhone!


So, here I go, finding some glimmer of joy in the daily grind.