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We are a homeschooling family, we have six kids, four are of age to actually do school work. My oldest son, 8, is on the autism spectrum. He had a VERY hard time with following rules and learning while my husband was deployed last school year.

honest realization about autism &

This year, so far, he’s refusing to even do school most days. It has been so bad, that I have seriously considered the possibility of sending him to a brick and mortar school.
The more I think about that, though, the more I know that it is not a true option for us. He would have REALLY GREAT days, but he would also have really bad days. (yes, I know that I am saying the exact same thing about homeschooling.. stay with me here!)

He would come home from a long day of being stimulated on every sensory level, and he would be tired, and he would break down. We know this because he had a three day long day camp at our church this summer, and he had an absolute blast the first day. That first night, however, was pure misery for all of us. He was so tired, and he was so overwhelmed. He refused to attend the second day, however, we pushed, and he did go, and he did finish the three days. The three nights were a nightmare.

I can not even imagine adding homework into this equation.

I realized, just this morning, that I have been thinking of sending my son to school to save MYSELF the trouble of having him here.

How horrible is that?

I need to learn to work WITH him, not make him work with me.

We’re staring with our skeleton schedule, and as long as we STICK TO IT, exactly, we can get our school work done. I’ll build up to chores once we get the basics hammered down.

This autism stuff, it’s not easy, and I really want something to be EASY!!

Easy will have to wait for eternity, eh??