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 I have been asked to write about my writing.. (that was hard to type)

Erica over at Saint Affairs has tagged me to explain a bit about my writing, so here we go!

What am I writing? Well, I’m writing about about my reversion to the Catholic faith, my mothering..er..skills?, my LACK of homemaking and housekeeping ability, and whatever else I wanna write about!

How does my work differ from those in my genre? I’m not exactly sure it does, I’m a mom blogger, and I try to write as though I’m talking to my readers (not that I really have any yet). I want you all to feel like you KNOW me.. however, I don’t want my history to cloud your feelings for me in my current season of life. I survived an “ABC After School Special”, and BOY am I thankful! It was not an easy story to choose to share, but I really felt like the Holy Spirit was guiding me to get it out there. Did I choose the right format? I have no idea. Maybe a diary would’ve been a better choice, but there it is.

Why do I write what I write? I am sharing my life to record the good, to process the less good, to share my story of bad choices that led to amazing things being opened to me. I want to bring hope to other folks with a, ah, blemished past, that Mercy is REAL and tangible!! And also, that a blessed life is often loud, messy, scary, and HARD!

How does my writing process work? Oh, should there be a “process”.. well, I tend to have these amazing ideas.. when I can’t get to a place to write them down. Then I try to recall them, that doesn’t work. So I just sit and think about something I feel compelled to put into text.. and I sometimes add a couple of photos of my people, or my mess, read it in preview format, and edit as best as I can, with six smallish people screaming at me for food, or clothes, or legos.. or whatever.. and there you have it.

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