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Cloth diapers, it’s not you, it’s me.

I really do love the fluff, but something has to give right now. I mean, I’m up to my eyeballs in clutter, my house need general cleaning, and more times than not in folding two weeks of laundry at a go!

I have six kids, two I drive all over the “city” for their activities, four are old enough to homeschool EVERY DAY, plus I have to grade their work.

We also have FOUR toilets I’m supposed to clean!?

Not to mention all these people want to EAT several times a day!


I mean, I know we all LOVE EXTRA laundry to do, right?

I think I *might* have too many diapers as well, and if you’ve ever “done” cloth, you know that is both a blessing and a curse!! (You don’t even wanna know what happens to diapers left too long between washings… IN. THE. SOUTH!)


my stash might also be too big for one kid in diapers.


I love you, and I can’t fully quit you yet..

So, right now, dear cloth diapers, you are the ones to take a back burner! I’m sorry, but I hope we can reunite soon!!