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Well, I’m a few days into October already, but I’m joining in on the tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) link up over at Call Her Happy!

Mostly because we’re all new HERE.. 😉

  • I have a problem with a local giraffe, and I fully admit I’m addicted to her. She recently lost a baby, and I hadn’t met her yet, so I made my husband take us to see her.


My autistic son seemed to bond with the orangoutangs.


  • We are trying to get settled (still) in the new house, it’s been THREE MONTHS and things are still in limbo. One hard thing about moving so often, is as soon as I know where something is, someone puts it in a box, and drops it at a new house!
  • I have been so totally beyond overwhelmed with everything, that not much of anything has gotten done.

However, I’ve come up with a bare bones schedule, and we’re sticking to it.. it’s been nearly a week, and so far so good!


  • SOME (and by “some” I mean “all”) of my kids are growing up too fast, and I need to know how to slow that down, toot sweet!


2 more things:

  • I’ve started for real following paleo, and NOT adding tortilla chips and ice cream to my daily diet of “food”.. week one, down over 3 pounds!


  • And lastly, I have a big problem with this. In SEPTEMBER!