I coined this phrase “store bought granola” a while back, because I really want to be a crunchy granola mama..
But I’m not fully there.
I use cloth diapers*, mostly, but I also use paper plates.

It’s a give and take with me.


this is what lunch looks like, and I didn’t even feel like cooking.

We are a gluten free family, not because we have a known allergy, not because we’re hipsters.. But because I have at least two kids that get significant belly issues when we have gluten, and a son on the autism spectrum, and his reaction is more emotional than physical.
Being gluten free (and as parents we’re paleo) requires a lot of either money or hands on kitchen time, often, it means spending more on both!!
I not only attempt to make food from scratch, I also love to make my own health care items, with essential oils and natural products.
But I am human, and there are only 24 hours in a day..and only so much cash in mah wallet!

I’m trying to quantify my shortcuts, what saves time and money without sacrificing our health? So much THINKING!!!

So, yeah, sometimes I cheat! Being a hippie is a LOT OF WORK, y’all! Add in homeschooling, and therapies, swim, ballet, and I’m just straight out of time!


So, I take some short cuts, like BUYING SOAP, though I do make laundry detergent!! I keep looking for ways to have shortcuts in the paleo lifestyle, but there aren’t many..But I am learning that you do get what you put into food, and the quality is a LOT better than the convenience foods!


a creation of my own; chicken apple sausage with sautéed butternut squash and onion, topped with a fried egg




Here’s the funny part.. I actually MAKE MY OWN GRANOLA!


The struggle is real.


*I am taking a break from cloth diapers because my life is 100% out of control, and I need to get it into shape before I can add more laundry back in.