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Once everything was cleared up from the IUD debacle (if you can call it that, I’d lean on a stronger word myself.) We had agreed it was time to look more deeply into the whole “church teaches NO on birth control” thing.

To say I was bitter before is an understatement  I really thought that the Church was misogynistic and wanted women to stay home making babies. BOY was I wrong. Now, I KNOW I can not do justice to what the Church really does teach on this, there are plenty of folks good with the theology and better with words than myself, so just trust me on this and then do the research!

We did some praying, and some digging, and reading, and listening, and more praying, and then we moved across the country (literally). We found an NFP class and signed up. The classes were once a month, for four months.

I didn’t start a chart right away, I figured “I’ll wait until I have a cycle to START a chart”.


I was randomly taking my basal temp while we “waited this one out”.. and my husband was CONVINCED I was expecting number three. I thought he was a nutter. So we brought our wacky chart to our next class.

Our instructor said “She looks like she could be pregnant”, so a few days later, I tested, and they were BOTH RIGHT!

Needless to say, the next couple of classes we didn’t learn much. However, we were given a CD called “Birth Control: WHy Not?”

That CD became a game-changer. SURE the whole IUD thing was a Godsmack, but this, this was logic, and reason, and FACT!

My pregnancy went well, and fine, except for one small {ahem} detail, that I’ll address in another post.