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Shortly after I graduated from high school, VERY shortly.. like a week, I met someone who unintentionally, would change my life forever. A CUTE boy,  in a night club, grinding my butt. (We called it “tailhooking” as it was near a Naval training center and there was a small scandal at the time.) Did you ever meet someone like that and think to yourself, WOW, this fellow is sure wholesome and will bring me back to Jesus!! Yeah, I didn’t think that at all!

If we’re being honest, and why wouldn’t I be at this point in our relationship, I was thinking.. DAG GUM, he’s so CUTE, I should play with him for a while before college starts and I have to get all serious. And stuff.

I gave him my phone number, and he didn’t call. My friend and I saw him at the same club the following week, but I was hurt, and didn’t want to talk to him, but my girlfriend thought he’d pay for us to get into the club..she was WRONG! He did make it up to me, however, because that night morning when I got home, there was a message from him on my answering machine. And so it began.

He took me on my first REAL date, I’d never been picked up, taken to dinner and a movie and dropped off at home, ever! And I was, like totally OLD!! (I was 19) It seemed so romantic, and FUN!

We had a strong of bad dates, horrible movies, bad service at our dining choices.. just bad, but WE had fun. SO we kept talking on the phone. We talked for HOURS, he called me a feminazi, and I thought he was some right wing nut job. Socially, we were on the same page, and we both thought of ourselves as Catholic. Seriously.

We were NOT following the church on any single thing. NOTHING! And yet, we both thought it was important to who we were?? WOW.

Shortly into our relationship, he had to learn about my arrest for drug possession late in my senior year of high school, because I had a LOT of stuff i had to do to prevent a conviction. He supported me, even if we were polar opposites on EVERYTHING!!

Then, he went off to college in another town. He was still driving distance, so we saw each other EVERY WEEKEND.. things were going really well. My plan of having a playmate for the summer went off with out a hitch. Until things changed. I fell IN LOVE WITH HIM!

What do you do with THAT? Well, if you’re 19 and crazy, you tell him.

And of course, he doesn’t HEAR YOU!