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Brace yourself, after that last post you’re going to be SHOCKED to hear.. I was punk rock in high school.

I’ll wait till you’re back seated in your comfy computer chair again.

RIght? I know that was a stunner.

I wore long dark thrift store skirts, white vee neck tee shirts, and doc martins. And, of course, the obligatory white make up and DARK lipstick. I even shaved my head a bit. The hair I left behind changed colors with the day or week.

I was NOT what the kids today call “goth”, I was a dark skate betty. Perfect way for me to hang out with people that listened to dark music, and made bad choices!! Who makes wiser choices than teenaged boys on skateboards and no helmets? Well, maybe surfers, but I hung out with them too!

It was during this time, I was really exposed to the idea of abortion. I had already been on the pill for 5-6 years by the time I’d entered high school, and that was never even an issue. I “Needed” it! At. nine. I became RABIDLY pro-choice, while never having had to experience an abortion, I supported anyone I knew that wanted one, thought they needed one. And I HATED those who opposed a “woman’s choice”. I had nasty thoughts, nasty actions, all for the sake of abortion. Don’t hold women back! Hear us roar, and stuff.
I was empowered, as women should be. So, naturally, I was introduced to Wicca. Now, while I did a lot of reading, and I had a HUGE crush on a boy who was active in Wicca, I never really “became Wiccan”, I just thought a Wiccan was cute, and grrl power and all that jazz. I would say this little adventure lasted at most a month, cute Wicca boy didn’t last long. I wasn’t ready for ANY commitment. So any religion was out.

Praise God for that.

I wasn’t listening yet, really, but I was on my way to be open to hearing His call.