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Well, now that it’s started, I’m more scared. I don’t want you to change how you feel about me, I don’t want people to change how they feel about me.

I am who I am because of my past, I’m not PROUD of the way I acted, the choices I made. You’ll be reading a lot of the things I’ve kept tucked away, dark and quiet.
This is MY journey, and it was tumultuous! I am not laying blame, nor am I here to say all young people will grow up and eventually find the path I have. I am so blessed that I HEARD Him. I can honestly say, looking back, I never even attempted to have a relationship with Jesus. I didn’t pray. I think my actions were heard as a cry for help. That was not my intent at the time. But His plans are far greater than my intent.
So, if you plan on reading this, and you know me, read this with the love of ME in your heart. If you don’t know me yet, and this is how we’re being introduced, PLEASE understand I’m not a Saint, I am a sinner.. but I’m learning from every single fall I take.
Please, save any judgement for God to make. And I ask your prayers.
Happy St. Valentine’s Day.